Information for Presenters

Presenter Guide

All presenters should join the meeting via Zoom.

Familiarise yourself with Zoom
Watch the Demo Video, download the Zoom app, and join a test meeting.

Live Sessions
The conference coordinator will send you a link to join your session and send you information on how to watch the live plenary session.

Presenting at the Conference via Zoom
- Join the meeting via the Zoom link using your Full Name. Please join at least 20 minutes before your session start time.
- The conference coordinator will prompt you 10 minutes before your Presentation time.
- Present and participate in the session

When you enter the session room, you will be immediately added to the waiting room. You won’t be able to access the session until the session moderator checks your name off the registration list.

If possible, please log in using the Zoom app instead of the browser so as to avoid some technical issues.

Tips on Giving an Online Presentation

10 Tips for Presenting Online

How to Make it More Interactive

How to Share your Files